The Disciplines of Windsurfing

Windsurfing is not all the same. Like in many individual sports there are different varieties of sailbording. A look at traditional kinds of sport like gymnastics or athletics shows how wide the spectrum of a single kind of sport can be. Regarding alpine skiing the range of disciplines starts with downhill, covers slalom and ends up with freestyle skiing. Seing young, fast-developing kinds of sports (trend sports) the aspect of diversification is even more important. A specific style quickly becomes a defined disciplin.


Various styles have emerged early within windsurfing, which sometimes show great differences with regard to the course of movements and the surfing material used. Out of these variants, own disciplines have developed quickly, which today at the level of competition are performed within separate valuations or contests.


The most important disciplines of windsurfing are waveriding, freestyle, different varieties of racing, combinations like supercross, speedsailing and also indoor-surfing. Please learn more about the different disciplines, the contests and the stars on the following sites.